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Collaborative Research Program

​The ISSS Collaborative Research Program (CRP) provides an opportunity for Doctoral Students and Early Career Researchers (less than 5 years post-PhD) to work with leading researchers in the field on a dedicated research project. Now in its third year, the CRP offers developing researchers a chance to expand their networks and learn from researchers outside their supervisory team. Hear from our 2020-2021 participants below.

Stand Up Meeting

Applications for the 2022-2023 CRP are now open!

Projects Available:

Culture and NSSI

NSSI Among Young Lesbian & Bisexual Women and Gender Diverse Adults

Impacts on Teen Disclosure of Self-Injurious Thoughts & Behaviours

Using Real-Time Monitoring to Study Psychosocial States in the Lives of Young Adults

Marc Wilson
Victoria University of Wellington

Lindsay Taliaferro
University of Central Florida

Kathryn Fox
University of Denver

Glenn Kiekens &  Laurence Claes
KU Leuven, Belgium

Applications due May 30th

Current Projects | 2021/22

Misty Slopes

A/Prof. Ana Ortin Peralta
in collaboration with Prof. Elizabeth Lloyd-Richardson & Prof. Stephen Lewis

Being part of CRP has been a key part of my career. It is a unique opportunity to work with excellent mentors and create new connections in the field. Dr. Lloyd-Richardson and Dr. Lewis were very supportive and walked me through every step of the project. I 100% recommend joining CRP. 


University stakeholder perspectives about non-suicidal self-injury: A qualitative investigation of stigma


Meheli Saha
in collaboration with Prof. Stephen Lewis


This program helped me work with one of the best supervisors in the field. It helped me find other like-minded people interested in this field and I was able to present my findings at the ISSS conference. Overall, it was one of the most enriching research experiences of my life.  


Support-seeking in the context of self-injury recovery: Perspectives from individuals with lived-experience


Julia Case
in collaboration with Prof. Marc Wilson


I have really enjoyed being a part of CRP! This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with other researchers who study self-injury and I’m grateful to have learnt new research methods. I would highly recommend applying for and participating in this program - it’s been great! 


Social network characteristics in non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents


Rania Christoforou
in collaboration with Prof. Penelope Hasking & A/Prof Mark Boyes

Being part of CRP was a great opportunity for me. Not only did it help me to learn more about the NSSI, it helped me to develop as a researcher. I was able to improve my paper writing and discuss my ideas with experts. I would definitely recommend this experience to others!


Emotion profiles of university students engaging in non-suicidal self-injury: Association with functions of self-Injury and other mental health concerns

Current Projects

Current Projects | 2021/22

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