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Collaborative Research Program

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Collaborative Research Program

Bringing Researchers Together

The ISSS Collaborative Research Program provides an opportunity for doctoral students and early career researchers (less than 5 years post PhD) to work with a leading NSSI researcher, who is not their supervisor, on a dedicated research project.

The aims of the program are to:

  • Provide mentoring to junior ISSS members

  • Support junior researchers in expanding their professional networks

  • Afford additional opportunities for publication and conference presentations for junior researchers

  • Foster new collaborations within ISSS

Advantages for junior researchers include:

  • The opportunity to be actively mentored by an academic who is not your supervisor (i.e., exposure to other ways of working)

  • Collaboration with an internationally renowned researcher

  • Introduction to potential postdoc supervisors

  • Potential networking in a new lab group (at least virtually)

  • Potentially learn new research techniques/analyses and/or working in a slightly different area of research, thus broadening your repertoire of skills 

  • An additional publication

  • Certificate of participation

  • Presentation of your work at ISSS, and to the broader self-injury community

Advantages for the supervisor include:

  • Opportunity to mentor a junior researcher (demonstrated leadership)

  • An additional research output

  • Meet new doctoral students who might make good postdocs

How will we choose the successful applicants?

Junior researchers are selected based on:

  • Having completed more than 1 year of their PhD, or be less than 5 years post PhD

  • Not having previously worked with the project supervisor

  • Ability to commit the necessary time to the project, and complete in a timely manner

  • Skills and knowledge that match those required for the project (project dependent)

If you are a PhD student, you will also need to submit a letter of support from your supervisor.

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