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Fellows of ISSS

Fellows of ISSS are esteemed members who have made outstanding contributions to the NSSI field. Through their research, clinical, and/or advocacy work, ISSS Fellows have advanced knowledge and understanding, and have improved the lives of people with lived experience of self-injury. 

Misty Slopes
Barry Walsh.jpg

Dr. Barent Walsh
Executive Director Emeritus and Senior Clinical Consultant

Barent (Barry) Walsh is a Clinical Social Worker and author. A pioneer in the field, Barry was a leader in the development of NSSI-specific therapies and has changed the lives of countless individuals living with serious and persistent mental illness. For many, Barry is a symbol of a true science-based clinician. He epitomizes the spirit of collaboration, approachability, and friendship that is a hallmark of ISSS.

You can listen to the Psychology of Self-Injury Podcast episode featuring Barry here

Jennifer Muehlenkamp.jpg

Prof. Jennifer Muehlenkamp
University of Wisconsin-- Eau Claire

Jennifer Muehlenkamp is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, where she is known to collaborate with almost anyone. As the first to formally propose that NSSI is a phenomenon deserving of clinical and research attention in its own right,  Jennifer has had a great and long-lasting impact on the field. Encouraging and innovative, Jennifer represents the kind of academic many of us aspire to be.

You can listen to the Psychology of Self-Injury Podcast episode featuring Jennifer here

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