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The ISSS Rising Star Award

The ISSS Rising Star Award recognises an early-career researcher, clinician, or advocate whose work demonstrates potential and commitment to make a significant impact on the field. This award celebrates dedication and passion and is an opportunity to give thanks to those who devote their time and effort to advancing the NSSI field and improving the lives of people with lived experience. 

If you are or know a researcher, clinician, or advocate in the field who deserves the honour of the ISSS Rising Star Award, please head here to learn more about making a nomination. Self-nominations are encouraged!

Please note, you must be a member of the ISSS to make a nomination.

2022 Rising Star

Dr. Glenn Kiekens

Dr. Glenn Kiekens is an innovative and accomplished researcher who has made exceptional contributions to the field through his pioneering Ecological Momentary Assessment work. Glenn's research foci include:

  • Understanding why NSSI emerges and how to predict and prevent it

  • Mental health among adolescents and emerging adults

  • Implementation of digital tools in mental health care

We were fortunate to hear from Glenn at out 2022 virtual conference.

Members can view his interesting and motivating talk here.

2021 Rising Star

Dr. Sarah Victor

Dr. Sarah Victor is a true leader in the field. A well-respected member of ISSS, Sarah's research foci include:

  • Identifying proximal risk factors for NSSI in daily life

  • Understanding and predicting heterogenous outcomes related to NSSI and suicidality

  • Addressing stigma, bias, and discrimination towards NSSI

We were fortunate to hear from Sarah at our 2021 virtual conference.

Members can view a recording of her inspiring and moving talk here

2020 Rising Star

A/Prof. Brooke Ammerman

A/Prof. Brooke Ammerman has made a significant impact on the NSSI field through research into self-injury disclosure, including the development of the Self-Injury Social Reactions Questionnaire (SI-SRQ). Brooke's research foci include:

  • Examining the role of interpersonal stress on self-injurious thoughts and behaviors

  • Understanding the process of self-disclosure among individuals who have self-injured

  • Improving prediction of self-injury using information collected on a daily level

We were fortunate to hear from Brooke at our 2020 virtual conference.

Members can view a recording of her interesting and important talk here.

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