Our Mission

We are an international collaboration of experienced clinicians, expert researchers, and passionate community members dedicated to improving the lives of individuals impacted by self-injury. Through four primary goals, we aim to foster well-being and stamp out stigma.

1. Research

Conduct and disseminate world-class research to advance the understanding, assessment, treatment, and prevention of NSSI.

2. Care

Develop, evaluate, promote, and provide evidence-based care to advance clinical understanding of NSSI and its treatment.

3. Outreach

Engage in public outreach to improve knowledge of evidence-based prevention, assessment, and treatment options for NSSI.

4. Connection

Enhance networking, collaboration, and resource sharing among all stakeholders with an interest in improving the lives of people who engage in NSSI.

Join us today and take part in our mission to improve the lives of individuals impacted by self-injury. Membership is open to researchers, clinicians, students, people with lived experience with NSSI, advocates, and other interested and dedicated stakeholders.