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2023 - 2024

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NSSI and other coping...

Examining predictors of co-occurrence of NSSI with other potentially harmful coping behaviours


Briana Turner

Group project assembly

2023 - 2024

Project Overview

We collected prospective, monthly surveys from two cohorts of first year university students (n=704). A core aim of this study was to examine trajectories and co-occurrence of potentially harmful coping behaviours, including NSSI, during students’ first year of university. We administered a broad range of personality measures at baseline, in September (e.g., Ten Item Personality Inventory, BIS/BAS, Sensitivity to punishment and sensitivity to reward, UPPS-P impulsivity, DERS) as well as behavioral measures of decision-making. Subsequently, we collected information about participants’ mood, wellbeing, and engagement in various potentially harmful coping behaviours, namely NSSI, disordered eating, substance misuse, physical aggression, and financial risk-taking (compulsive shopping, gambling). Over the upcoming year, I intend to analyze co-occurrence of these behaviors over the year, as well as personality and behavioral predictors of distinct profiles of coping behaviors. I would welcome junior researchers to be involved in this project to refine skills in longitudinal data analysis.

Application Deadline:

June 11 2023

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