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Special Interest Groups

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Groups with a Special Focus

Special interest groups (SIGs) are groups of researchers, clinicians, and other stakeholders (including individuals with lived and/or living experience) who share an interest in a specific focus area. ISSS currently has four SIGs, which are highlighted below. Click "more" to learn about each SIG's focus, who its members are, their recent accomplishments, and avenues for joining.

Research on NSSI in Daily Life

Conduct and disseminate ethical, accessible, and priority-driven research to advance understanding, assessment, treatment, and prevention of NSSI.


The International Consortium on Self-Injury in Educational Settings is an interdisciplinary and international research group focused on prevention and intervention in educational settings.

Stigma, Recovery, & Lived Experience

The Stigma, Recovery, and Lived Experience Special Interest Group focuses on the lived experiences of self-injury, paying particular attention to issues related to stigma and recovery.

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