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2023 - 2024

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Meta-analysis: NSSI and other...

Meta-analysis examining co-occurrence of NSSI with “externalizing” behaviours and disorders


Briana Turner

Group project assembly

2023 - 2024

Project Overview

My graduate students and I began a meta-analysis examining co-occurrence of NSSI and “externalizing” behaviours and disorders in 2017 and worked on this through 2020; although article extraction and coding were underway, due to parental and family leaves of the Principal Investigator, the literature review now needs to be re-updated, and the coding and analyses remain to be completed. If a junior researcher with experience in meta-analysis was willing to assist our team in refreshing our review and analyzing the data, we would be thrilled to work with them and share what we have learned so far!

Application Deadline:

June 11 2023

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