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Season 1 | Episode 14

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Season 1 | Episode 14

Managing Self-Injury in Inpatient Settings

Jun 4, 2021

with Dr. Jason Washburn

Managing Self-Injury in Inpatient Settingswith Dr. Jason Washburn
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When is it appropriate for someone who engages in nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) to be admitted to an acute psychiatric inpatient program? And how realistic is it to expect no self-injury or self-harm to occur at all while in the hospital? How should hospital staff respond and intervene when someone engages in self-injury while on an inpatient unit? In this episode, Dr. Jason Washburn addresses these questions and discusses how hospital staff can foster empathy and compassion for individuals who self-injure while respecting their autonomy and also keeping them safe.

Learn more about Dr. Washburn and his work here. Below are links to some of his work, including his books as editor and new research. To learn more about AMITA Health and its treatment for self-injury, click here

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Slesinger, N. C., Hayes, N. A., & Washburn, J. J. (2021). Understanding predictors of change in a day treatment setting for non-suicidal self-injury. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice, 94, 517–535.

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