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Season 1 | Episode 5

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Season 1 | Episode 5

Self-Injury and the Internet

Jan 29, 2021

with Dr. Stephen Lewis

Self-Injury and the Internetwith Dr. Stephen Lewis
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What is the quality of online health information related to self-injury and self-harm? What are some of the risks and benefits related to seeking self-injury content on the internet? In this episode, Dr. Lewis details 3 overarching risks and 4 overarching benefits of accessing self-injury content online. He also discusses his research related to the effects of hopeless vs. hopeful comments on YouTube videos about self-injury. 

To watch Dr. Lewis' TEDx talk about his own lived experience of self-injury on YouTube, visit Learn more about self-injury and Dr. Lewis' work at Self-injury Outreach & Support (SiOS) ( Follow SiOS on Facebook ( and Twitter ( Below are links to his research and resources referenced in this episode:

Non-suicidal self-injury, youth, and the Internet: What mental health professionals need to know

Googling self-injury: The state of health Information obtained through online searches for self-injury

The Scope of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury on YouTube

Self-Injury Resources:

  1. Self-injury Outreach & Support (SiOS) (

  2. Shedding Light on Self-Injury (

  3. Self-Injury & Recovery Resources (SIRR) (

  4. The International Society for the Study of Self-Injury (ISSS) (

Follow Dr. Westers on Instagram and Twitter (@DocWesters). To join ISSS, visit and follow ISSS on Facebook and Twitter (@ITripleS).

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