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Season 3 | Episode 40

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Season 3 | Episode 40

The Psychology of Self-Injury Pain

Aug 25, 2023

with Dr. Julien Koenig

The Psychology of Self-Injury Painwith Dr. Julien Koenig
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What is the relationship between nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) and pain? Are individuals who self-injure less sensitive to pain than those who don’t self-injure? What are the ethics involved in conducting research on pain? In this episode, Dr. Julian Koenig describes the research on the experience of pain among those who self-harm. Learn more about Dr. Koenig and his research lab at, and follow him on Twitter/X at @koeniglab.

Below are links to some of the research referenced in this episode:

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The Psychology of Self-Injury podcast has been rated #1 by Feedspot  in their list of "10 Best Self Harm Podcasts" and #5 in their "20 Best Clinical Psychology Podcasts." It has also been featured in Audible's "Best Mental Health Podcasts to Defy Stigma and Begin to Heal."

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