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Self-Injury in Educational Settings

Self-Injury in Educational Settings

Empowering Students and Educators

ICSES is an interdisciplinary and international research group focused on prevention and intervention in educational settings.

Our Mission

Better understand the individual and contextual factors that underlie NSSI in educational settings to inform effective prevention and intervention.

Develop and disseminate internationally relevant, evidence-based resources and guidance for students, educators, and families.

Foster international and interdisciplinary collaborations to bring together expert knowledge, improving access to resources, support, and guidance.

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Adolescence and emerging adulthood are particularly turbulent periods of human development; understanding how NSSI is initiated and maintained, and how resilience is built throughout this period is crucial to the development of successful prevention and intervention initiatives. Yet, the high rate of NSSI among students in schools and colleges poses unique challenges within these educational settings. These include (but are not limited to): 

  • How to support students who self-injure, and the friends they confide in 

  • Information provision and gatekeeper training for staff, students, and parents 

  • Determining how staff in education settings, parents, and young people can work together to address NSSI in the educational environment 

  • Developing effective referral pathways 

  • Legal and ethical issues relating to confidentiality and duty of care

  • How to talk safely about NSSI within educational settings

  • How to minimize associated risk factors/consequences including deteriorating academic performance, being bullied, and poor social connectedness 

  • How to prevent NSSI and develop effective early intervention 

ICSES aims to tackle these challenges, and others related to the educational environment, through a dedicated, interdisciplinary and international research program.

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Self-Injury in Educational Settings

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