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2023 - 2024

NSSI in Chinese Adolescents

NSSI and other life-threatening behaviours among adolescents in China


Moye Xin

Group project assembly

2024 - 2025

Project Overview


Xhaanxi Normal University, China

Project Description:

My research interests mainly focus on a combination with Life-threatening behaviors (e.g., NSSI and suicidal behaviors) among other minorities (e.g., adolescents and young adults at risk) and gender study, then try to figure out the mechanism of them, with the perspective of social science and psychological methodology, meanwhile, cooperating with international platforms, if possible.

Applicants should have the following skills:
Basic skills of data analysis, literature review and a little bit of mind of innovation

Junior researcher responsibilities:
Collecting literatures and revelant data, drafting manuscripts based on their own research interests

Anticipated outcome(s) for junior researcher:
Able to start your own research by choosing frontiers of research field, and start to write basic literature reviews and do some basic data analysis.

Time commitment:
3 days per week for 1 year

Application Deadline:

June 1, 2024

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