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Group project assembly

2024 - 2025


Current Projects

The 2024-25 cycle of the ISSS Collaborative Research Program (CRP) is now open for applicants! The ISSS CRP provides an opportunity for doctoral students and early career researchers (less than 5 years post PhD) to work with a leading NSSI researcher, who is not their supervisor, on a dedicated research project. Available CRP opportunities are listed below.

Proximal mechanisms of NSSI predicting suicide thoughts and behaviors

Mentored by:

Jennifer Muehlenkamp

NSSI and other life-threatening behaviours among adolescents in China

Mentored by:

Moye Xin

Validation of a novel Future Imagery Scale and exploration in a sample of YP with and without NSSI

Mentored by:

Martina Di Simplicio

Characteristics of nonsuicidal self-injury disorder in youth and psychometric evaluation of the Clinician-Administered Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Disorder Index

Mentored by:

Johan Bjureberg

Using real-time monitoring to study social interactions and non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) cognitions and behaviors among individuals seeking care

Mentored by:

Glenn Kiekens and Laurence Claes

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