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2023 - 2024

NSSI and STB Prediction

Proximal mechanisms of NSSI predicting suicide thoughts and behaviors


Jennifer Muehlenkamp

Group project assembly

2024 - 2025

Project Overview


University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

Project description:
Very little is known about the short-term temporal course of NSSI in relation to suicidal behavior, and information about possible mechanisms that facilitate, or reduce, transition to suicidal behavior among those engaging in NSSI is sparse. This project aims to provide data filling gaps in the suicide research by conducting a micro-longitudinal study of transdiagnostic processes believed to interact with and influence risk for suicidal behavior conferred by NSSI. Using the Integrative-Motivational-Volitional (IMV) theory of suicide as a guide, the current study proposes that variability in sleep quality and emotional reactivity will interact with self-perceptions and perceived social connectedness to influence NSSI features and mechanisms of risk to predict near-term, acute, change in suicidal behavior. Young adults reporting current NSSI and suicidal ideation will wear actigraph watches (to obtain sleep data) and complete daily diary assessments of the study variables along with weekly lab-based assessment for 4 weeks, and complete 1- and 2-month follow-ups. Multi-level modeling analyses will examine the moderating effects of sleep and emotional reactivity on the proposed risk-processes to influence NSSI and suicidal behaviors over days, weeks, and months. The results will provide novel and essential information to the field of suicidology by advancing current knowledge about acute risk for suicide and have potential to significantly impact clinical practice by identifying specific, modifiable markers of risk that can translate into clinical targets for assessment and intervention strategies.

Applicants should have the following skills:
Multi-level modeling /SEM / longitudinal data analytic statistical knowledge, scientific writing experience

Junior researcher responsibilities:
Assist with data analysis and write up of manuscript; Can conceptualize own research question/project from existing data and co-create a manuscript

Anticipated outcome(s) for junior researcher:
Peer-reviewed manuscript, Conference presentation(s)

Time commitment:
Approximately 1 day per week for 4-6 months

Application Deadline:

June 1, 2024

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